• Anna Steffeney
    Anna Steffeney CEO, Founder

    Anna is a passionate entrepreneur who is focused on improving the experience and lives for working families.

    In addition Anna is a wife and mother with over 15 years of international corporate experience at companies such as Microsoft and Citigroup.After the birth of her two children—one born in Europe, the second born in the United States—the glaring difference in parental leave policies prompted her to launch LeaveLogic.

    Anna is recognized as a thought leader in parental leave policies, has been profiled by television and print media. Recently she attended the White House Summit on Working Families.

  • Justin Alford
    Justin Alford CTO

    Justin leads the company’s development and product strategy and oversees the execution of the technology vision. With over 15 years of experience building complex systems to support bold and ambitious public policies.

    Justin is passionate about the intersection of technology and policy and providing solutions that enable consumers to effectively navigate changing regulatory landscapes.

  • Maddy Arvold
    Maddy Arvold Director of Customer Success

    Madeleine is an industrial and organizational psychology practitioner whose graduate work focused on educating managers about the critical importance of supporting employees through parental leave and return to work.

    With a background in HR and Technology, she’s committed to tackling the challenges and advocating for the benefits of building a diverse workforce.

    Her work with LeaveLogic helps companies create a culture that supports employees at work and at home, thereby creating a motivated and innovative workforce that can meet the challenges of the 21st century.

  • Erin Faverty
    Erin Faverty VP Customer Success

    Erin delivers best in class customer success teams, focused on rapid implementation and continuous scaling of operations. She leverages over 10 years of experience in technology and graduate work in Communications and Leadership to drive innovative approaches to delighting customers.

    With an eye on continuously improving LeaveLogic’s product management, marketing and strategic planning, Erin is passionate about sharing LeaveLogic’s mission and vision with her customers.

  • Shannon Okuonghae
    Shannon Okuonghae Customer Success and Marketing Manager

    Shannon is focused on creating end-to-end successful outcomes for customers and users while managing the marketing efforts of the company. She brings over 10 years of user experience and program design to the table as well as an in-depth understanding of the product and Leave of Absence environment.

    As the internal conduit between marketing and customer success, she works to ensure all efforts and strategies align seamlessly while focusing on the LeaveLogic mission. She enjoys working with companies to improve the employee leave experience and support the work-life balance needed for the success of the company and the community.