Our Mission

Our mission is to help normalize leave in the workplace. LeaveLogic revolutionizes how employees and companies manage the family leave process. Our solutions empower employees to confidentially navigate and plan the best leave scenario for their unique situation, while saving companies time, money and effort.

What gets us out of bed each day

We believe that employees should be empowered to take advantage of all leave options available to them, and that companies that support their employees to effectively plan and navigate leaves have happier, healthier workforces.

We help companies shift dynamics from perceived family leave challenges to create positive opportunities for growth, employee commitment and increased productivity for individuals and teams.

With LeaveLogic, employees get actionable information just when they need it, avoiding costly misinformation and hours of effort typically required to dig through pages of complex company policy, legal or regulatory statute documents. With a focus on the employee experience, HR and Managers are equipped with best practices for providing supportive approaches to ensuring positive leave experiences for employees and teams – enhancing collaboration and long-term retention.

We want your employees to use the benefits and programs you provide to them, have supportive, positive leave experiences and come back to work with everyone — each employee, their manager, and HR — energized and fully ready to integrate the employee back into the work environment.


> Empowered Employees <

LeaveLogic guides employees through the necessary steps to create an individual plan focused on their career, financial, and family decisions to ensure a successful parental leave

> Retain Your Top Talent <

Policies and programs become transparent helping your top talent decide how to incorporate family and work into a plan that works for everyone

> Increase HR Efficiency <

Reduce the time, energy, and paperwork associated with managing parental leave and ensure every employee gets a consistent parental leave experience

Let’s start building your future with us.