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Humanizing Technology- LeaveLogic's Product Leader Designs Solutions for People that Solve Big Business Needs

By Amanda Neely  October 2020  It’s no secret that Human Resources (HR) in Technology is among one of the fastest growing tech markets and is projected to continue double digit growth through 2025Global Newswire reports that HR Technology has grown at rate of 14% during 2014-2019. Additionally, SHRM reports that Employee Self Service technologies are at the top of that list for 2020.  Employers are now able to solution many of their manual pain points with technologies. They range from plug & play to re-structuring their department or organizational strategy.  We live in a world where technology can solve many of our problems. If we adopt it, embrace it, and generally approach it with an open mind akin for change, there’s a good chance for success. That’s a tall order when sourcing a tech solution to solve human problems inside of organizations. Especially with processes that are deeply rooted in business operations, compliance, and ultimately the bottom line.  

The Challenges- Building Human HR in Technology to Support Business Needs

So how do you build technology focused on people that also solves real business problems? We know employees want a straight forward and easy to understand experience. Employers want efficiency and cost effectiveness. And tech companies want to be the solution in the portfolio.  At LeaveLogic we are on a mission to create a humanized leave experience that works for businesses and peopleSince 2015, we have approached the complexity of leave with an eye for a more personalized experience that benefits all. So how do we make it all work together for the most cohesive and successful experience?  The answer is our product strategy. We believe success starts with approaching business problems in a human way, using technology. Defining a product strategy that develops a solution in such a way requires expertise in technology, empathy, and compassion.  

Meet Christian!

To help us understand this better, we are speaking with Christian Sacoolas, LeaveLogic’s Senior Product Owner. Christian came to LeaveLogic after years of working with some of Silicon Valley’s booming technologies. Through his experience he realized there are many ways to be fulfilled with work, including working on products that he feels facilitate a lot of positive change. Christian is the leader behind how the LeaveLogic solution continually develops a dynamic solution for a more humanized leave experience. 

Tell us a little bit about you:

I’ve always had an interest in software and technology. I grew up in Silicon Valley and the schools put in a lot of effort to show students the progressive things happening locally in those fields.
As a student and enthusiast, I enjoyed codingdesigning and getting projects online for people to use. That set a lot of the tone for my career. I consider myself a technical creative. 
Over the years I have enjoyed professionally contributing to creative projects. It has required me to wear pretty much every hat there is in the digital product space. I’ve worked with amazing people and companies that are internationally recognized as leaders in their industries. I really enjoy mapping out business processes & goals, working with talented people, and partnering to decode opportunities. This creates the magic of designing tangible products that are fresh, push a few boundaries, and delight users. 

Why is the product LeaveLogic is building important to you?

Leave of absence is a normal and necessary part of life. LeaveLogic is the premiere HR Technology solution leading a movement that supports that messageWhen employees are faced with life events that require planning leaves, it can be daunting. Not just for them but for their managers and HR as well. 

A solution that streamlines the whole experience for everyone, saves companies money and time. It also educates and keeps everyone up-to-date with the latest information that is important to know. The result? We can reduce a lot of anxiety for all parties when faced with an constantly changing landscape of benefits and legislationNormalizing leave adds a human element back into the leavexperience and workplace, which I find very inspiring.  

Why should this be important to HR & People Leaders & HR Tech Overall?

LeaveLogic focuses on the state and federal benefits available to employees that are available. It also weaves in a company’s custom benefits as part of the employee leave education and planning journey. Simple technology for complex processes that impact very important times in our lives stands to enhance the quality of life for employees. The ultimate test of a technology solution made to support businesses is for customers to see returns on their investment through increased productivity and better use of company resources

Our technology accomplishes this by making it easy to access the very latest education material for location and company specific benefits regarding leave. Everyone wins. And that makes partnering with LeaveLogic an easy step to take.  

The tech industry has one of the most competitive pools of talent according to Entrepreneur Magazine. The largest gap being centers around lack of talent, according to CB Insights. As a product leader with years of experience in SaaS technologies, how did you land at LeaveLogic? 

have been tremendously lucky to work with amazing companies and great teams making big splashes with new and inspiring digital products. Recently having a son, I understand how complicated leave can be. I know that SaaS (Software as a Service) can simplify so many of the complexities and communication flows around leave, while educating and empowering. 

LeaveLogic is the emerging market leader creating a new and much needed space. think this product facilitates a lot of positive change. And that’s a big part of why I am onboard. 

What are you excited about for the future of the LeaveLogic Product?

We are in a very exciting time as a company. We have such an amazing foundation to build from that delights our customers every day. Right now, one of our focuses is enhancing the experiences of employees, managers, HR staff and administrators. We are working on bringing some new and innovative features to the product. Our customers provide amazing feedback that helps drive important improvement considerations. We love working with them. All our customers can look forward to benefiting from these enhancements automatically as they roll out. We are also very focused on reimagining our new customer onboarding processes to increase the speed of getting them up and running to meet the increasing demand for our product. The future is looking good. 

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