What is the LeaveLogic Solution?

The LeaveLogic software solution focused on absence management. This solution delivers customized employee self-service tools, timely manager training, as well as streamlined and confidential leave planning experiences across workforces. By providing a technology-based employee self-serve solution, HR can efficiently monitor and continuously improve the employee experience when taking leave and significantly reduce administrative costs by removing the need to recreate the wheel with every employee leave. With expertly designed and research-based resources for your employees and just-in-time Manager Training modules for your teams, your entire company can better prepare, manage and support all aspects of leave: including key milestones before and during leave as well as vital return to work transitions.

The LeaveLogic solution helps transform family leave into a talent management opportunity for companies and employees by utilizing technology to support employees during key life events. Save time and money with the LeaveLogic solution by contacting one of our experts here.

How do I get LeaveLogic?

That’s simple. Our experts can help you with that, and any FMLA or absence management software related questions you might have about LeaveLogic by reaching out to them here.

What is a LeavePlan?

A LeavePlan is a comprehensive list of all the tasks an employee should perform in order to ensure they properly plan for their leave of absence and successful return to work. These tasks are customized to the individual employee’s circumstances and are administered by your HR team to standardize the employee leave planning experience while ensuring all of the regulatory requirements and company processes are understood and executed on time. See how it all works, here.

What is included in a LeaveLogic LeavePlan?

• Federal, state and local leave legislated benefits

• Company-specific leave-related benefits and policies

• Customized LeavePlan Dashboard visual of each user’s job protected and paid leave benefits, viewable by weeks or months

• Key tasks and action items required for leave

• Personalized Leave Calendar

• Notifications and reminders for action items

• Additional Planning Guide resources that employees can select to further customize their tasks and reminder notifications (Lactation, Childcare)

• “Just-in-time” information tailored for the employee based on their planned leave dates

• “Just-in-time” manager training information

Are Federal and State leave regulations included with LeaveLogic?

Yes! We maintain the applicable U.S. Federal, State and local leave regulations within LeaveLogic and provide them to employees for planning purposes. In addition, you can add your company specific benefits and policies (e.g., PTO, Paid Parental Leave, etc.) allowing your employees to visualize all available benefits and plan their use in way that is personal to them.

We can also incorporate country specific leave policies for companies that need assistance scaling on a global level.

What if I already have an absence management provider?

No problem! LeaveLogic goes beyond the coordination of benefits to offer a comprehensive solution for family leave. The LeaveLogic solution coordinates and incorporates the processes of all internal and external absence management solutions to enhance and improve benefits administration.

Do you provide onboarding support?

Absolutely! Our goal is to get you up and running with LeaveLogic as soon as possible. The LeaveLogic Customer Success teams will work closely with your HR or Benefits Managers to help set-up your customized LeaveLogic environment so your employees can self-serve all aspects of leave planning in a user-friendly and just-in-time manner. With our web-based solution your company benefits, policies and processes will move from PDFs and binders into actionable items for employees to schedule and complete.

What types of Leave do you manage?

LeaveLogic supports all types of Leave including parental leave (maternity, paternity, adoption, foster care), elder care, personal illness, and military service. Intermittent leave is on our product roadmap!

What solutions do you provide at a Global level?

LeaveLogic was designed to support international deployments and planned implementations for all sizes of multi-national business. LeaveLogic’s metadata-driven architecture allows for quick and seamless setup of new country company policies and statutory benefits. The LeaveLogic platform can be customized by employee type and location, thus accommodating the coordination of any specific expat programs and local regulations. In addition, we are currently building out our infrastructure to incorporate English and multilingual language translation with some localized support solutions.

Please contact sales for more information on how we can help your company scale leave benefits on a global level.


Does LeaveLogic interface with my existing HRIS Systems?

We currently interface with Bamboo HR and Workday and can accept employer eligibility files or CSV files. Let us know what HRIS systems you use when you contact us so we can do our best to accommodate the HRIS systems our customers use most often, by contacting us here.

Is LeaveLogic Secure and Confidential?

Security and Confidentiality are at the heart of what we do at LeaveLogic. We encrypt all your connections with LeaveLogic and encrypt your data on our servers. Our infrastructure is securely hosted and maintained in a HITRUST certified environment, monitored 24×7, scanned at least monthly for vulnerabilities, and protected by advanced intrusion detection systems.

Does LeaveLogic work on tablets and mobile devices?

Yes. Users can access LeaveLogic on tablets and smartphones.