• Anna Steffeney
    Anna Steffeney Founder/President

    Anna is a passionate entrepreneur focused on improving the experience and lives of working families. Anna is recognized as a thought leader in parental leave policies and has been profiled in television, print and media, including a TedTalk and participating in the White House Summit on Working Families. She held several international corporate leadership roles in finance and technology.

    “After the birth of my two children—one born in Europe, the second born in the United States—the glaring difference in parental leave policies prompted the idea of LeaveLogic. This is where technology has a huge role to play in making family leave normal in the workplace.”

  • Miyuki Iwahashi
    Miyuki Iwahashi General Manager

    Miyuki leads the company as it continues to innovate its platform that empowers employees, managers and HR teams. She brings a passion for advancing the future of work and life for employees and families, with experience helping companies reinvent the leave experience through policy and program design. Miyuki has a background leading finance, operations, public policy, HR and performance improvement.

    “In a landscape of ever-evolving leave laws, employers and employees are struggling to keep up at times when it matters most. Hearing the most pressing challenges facing HR teams and employees today drives LeaveLogic’s collective desire and mission to simplify the leave experience and empower people and organizations.”

  • Justin Alford
    Justin Alford Chief Technology Officer

    Justin is a technology leader and visionary, with enterprise software expertise and SaaS business leadership. He has built complex systems to support bold and ambitious public policies, including work on Healthcare.gov, consulting with enterprise organizations to scale strategic technical infrastructure.

    “Over the life of my career and having my own children, the intersection of technology and policy is enabling organizations to solve for the most complex problems. It is exciting to be at the forefront of designing and innovating new solutions that reinvent a new experience for leaves.”

  • Steve Turner
    Steve Turner Head of Business Development & Sales

    Steve partners with a wide variety of organizations and technology providers to create and launch new solutions to market. He brings a balanced perspective, with over 20 years of insurance benefits expertise and designing go-to-market strategies for new employer benefit products.

    “The needs of employers and employees are dynamic and ever-changing, and so are the complexities often associated with an employee’s life event. I am passionate about being part of the solution that simplifies the leave experience for thousands of families each day, and I’m inspired to enable thousands—no, millions!—more to transform their experience.”

  • Cynthia Marias
    Cynthia Marias Head of Customer Success

    Cynthia champions and advances the customer experience, driving LeaveLogic’s customer-centric culture focused on delighting customers at every stage of engagement. She has over 15 years of experience in the corporate wellness industry, building strong client service teams in fast-growing, entrepreneurial organizations and helping employers deploy innovative technologies to solve their needs.

    “Supporting employees with the unexpected demands of their personal lives is the next level in retaining top talent and creating a thriving culture. I’m dedicated to creating great experiences for employers who are in the pursuit of positively impacting the lives of their people.”

  • Maddy Arvold
    Maddy Arvold Head of Content & Build

    Maddy leads content and build, leading the next generation tools for content creation and configuration. Driven by her graduate work focused on manager education, she is passionate about empowering managers’ support to employees through parental leave and return to work. She is an expert in regulatory policy and corporate benefits design, with over 20 years in HR and technology.

    “My passion is to tackle the challenges and advocate for the benefits of building a diverse workforce. I believe that my work with LeaveLogic helps organizations create an inclusive culture that supports employees at work and at home, to meet the challenges of the 21st century.”