• Anna Steffeney
    Anna Steffeney CEO, Founder

    Anna is a passionate entrepreneur who is focused on improving the experience and lives of working families.

    In addition, Anna is a wife and mother with over 15 years of international corporate leadership in finance and technology. After the birth of her two children—one born in Europe, the second born in the United States—the glaring difference in parental leave policies prompted her to launch LeaveLogic.

    Anna is recognized as a thought leader in parental leave policies and has been profiled by television and print media. Recently, she attended the White House Summit on Working Families.

  • Justin Alford
    Justin Alford CTO

    Justin leads the company’s development and product strategy and oversees the execution of the technology vision. With over 15 years of experience building complex systems to support bold and ambitious public policies, Justin is passionate about the intersection of technology and policy as well as providing solutions that enable consumers to effectively navigate changing regulatory landscapes.

  • Cynthia Marias
    Cynthia Marias Vice President of Customer Success

    Cynthia brings 20 years of experience in the wellness industry and believes that helping employees navigate the planned and unexpected demands of their personal lives is the next level in retaining top talent and creating a successful company with a thriving culture. She has built numerous client service teams in fast-growing, entrepreneurial organizations and has a deep desire to create great experiences for the individuals and organizations she serves.

    Cynthia leads the Customer Success team at LeaveLogic. She has a master’s in organizational development and a background in supporting employers in their pursuit to positively impact the lives of their employees.

    At home in the Pacific Northwest, Cynthia and her family travel internationally every chance they get to experience the many adventures the world has to offer.

  • Maddy Arvold
    Maddy Arvold Director of Customer Success

    Maddy is an industrial and organizational psychology practitioner whose graduate work focused on educating managers about the critical importance of supporting employees through parental leave and return to work.

    With a background in HR and technology, she’s committed to tackling the challenges and advocating for the benefits of building a diverse workforce.

    Her work with LeaveLogic helps companies create a culture that supports employees at work and at home, thereby creating a motivated and innovative workforce that can meet the challenges of the 21st century.

  • Amanda Neely
    Amanda Neely Director of Customer Success

    With a deep background in human resources, employee benefits, and technology startups, Amanda brings creative solutions to delivering best-in-class customer success strategy. Through her experience, Amanda has obtained a number of industry certifications to establish herself as a thought leader and allows her to bring a unique perspective to help solve complex problems.

    Amanda is passionate about making even the smallest of differences in people’s lives, and the work that LeaveLogic is doing is making that passion a reality on a global scale. LeaveLogic’s goal to normalize employee leaves in the workplace is near and dear to her heart.

    Amanda is a wife, mother, dog lover of two furry guys, and college football fanatic (Geaux Tigers). She lives in Dallas, Texas, where her family helps her spread the word of all that LeaveLogic is set out to do, and together with LeaveLogic’s client partners, we will all make strides in achieving great success!

  • Michelle Bisping
    Michelle Bisping Director of Customer Success

    Michelle is focused on creating end-to-end successful outcomes for customers and users. She brings over 10 years of experience in human resources, benefits, and HR technology to the table. She is passionate about facilitating an incredible customer experience and understanding of LeaveLogic. Her previous experience provides insight into the implementation process and continual improvement of our product and processes. Michelle lives in Denver with her husband, 3 kids, 2 dogs, and cat.

  • Troy Dabney
    Troy Dabney Content Management Systems Manager

    Troy is a digital creative who is passionate about web content management, information architecture, inclusivity, and accessibility. Her work at LeaveLogic ensures that both employers and employees have positive user experiences while using our solution. By doing so, she helps strengthen LeaveLogic’s mission to empower employees through technology, knowledge sharing, and outstanding customer success initiatives.

    Troy earned her master’s degree in technical and professional communication from Auburn University and has worked in academic, small business, and nonprofit spaces. She lives in Florida with her fiancée and dog.

  • Caedmon Judd
    Caedmon Judd Lead Software Engineer

    Caedmon is an eclectic technology leader with experience in manufacturing, marketing, and the music industry. Focusing on startups, as well as time in the enterprise, Caedmon brings a balanced perspective to the engineering team. He lives near San Antonio, Texas, with his wife and five kids.