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Tips for making remote work easier for you

By Miyuki Iwahashi 

May 2020 

As teams adjust to new working norms in a virtual workplace a few tips for working effectively at home and how to stay connected with your colleagues. These are just a few of LeaveLogic’s best practices for remote teams. 

Top 5 tips to stay connected with your remote team 

1. Host a Daily Team Check-In Call (20-30 minutes) with each department

 We crowdsource daily team meeting agenda’s via email or chat with 1-5 priority rankings.  BONUS: Leverage a Web Conference tool and request everyone turn their video on for enhanced connection and engagement. 

2. Make Your Chat Platform Your Virtual Office 

We use Slack and have designated meeting “rooms” for key topics, departments and work initiatives. One of our best practices is to keep work projects public versus private direct messages for all work projects and initiatives. We make a habit of acknowledging messages or posts with emojis. 

3. Connect Throughout the Day 

We consistently build in habits which allow us to connect and acknowledge the human part of work while working from home.  As examples: we host a #watercooler channel on our Slack platform for posting daily news about life, team members are encouraged to check-in on each other during key life events.  

4. Proactively Communicate for Transparency and Accountability  

We take responsibility to communicate progress and roadblocks (whether or personal or professional), and respectfully check-in with each other.  

5. Work a 9 to 2 Plus 

We aim to be available for each other when our timezones overlap during the business day (such as 9:00 am – 2:00 pm PT), and then allow individuals to sort the rest of their work day to fit family and life obligations. 

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