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Unmatched employee leave education

We pioneered employee leave decision support.

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Personalized employee planning

LeaveLogic organizes personalized leave benefits with the most relevant information to drive better decisions.

Simplified in one place

LeaveLogic consolidates federal and state laws, company policies and vendor benefits in a single platform, for easy navigation.
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Reduces time and stress

LeaveLogic increases employees' understanding of their benefits and to-dos, so there is less confusion and questions.

Why Leave Decision Support?


Driven by advanced algorithms and easy to navigate design, organizations are empowered to easily support the complexities of leave.

1 Includes solutions through your third party administrator of leaves, benefits education solution or other decision support vendor.


Simplify the leave of absence process from beginning to end.

Learn why more companies are switching to LeaveLogic

Learn why more companies are switching to LeaveLogic