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Employee Leave Experience

A strategic model for a new world of work.

A strategic model for a
new world of work.

A positive employee experience is critical for driving business performance. It’s an employee’s own positive experience that leads to personal investment in the work they do and commitment to their company. Ultimately, it’s employee experience that shapes how your organization shows up for customers and how your customers perceive you.

To create a positive employee experience, you must understand the stages of the employee life cycle, identify what matters most to them and be intentional about connecting with employees when it matters most.

Yet many organizations often overlook a particularly critical experience opportunity: a leave of absence.

Historically, employee leave has been viewed as a matter of compliance and risk management. But that’s changing, as more people are beginning to see leave as a critical employer benefit — one that, if executed with purpose, has the potential to drive strategic outcomes for your company.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the essentials of creating a positive employee leave experience that translates into improved retention and stronger engagement with your talent.

Employee Leave Experience

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