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Now Live: the employee leave experience reimagined- again


LeaveLogic takes leave planning and decision support to the next level with the release of a simplified user interface and enhanced experience!  


The leave landscape doesn’t stand still, and neither do we! Our new and improved experience is designed to support real people who are experiencing real life-changing events. The mobile-first concierge experience brings to life all the information you would need to answer the most important questions when it comes to leave: how long, how much, and what do I have to do?


This new design is even more focused on simplifying complex processes and information.  We have added new self-service and concierge features making it easy for you to get what you need, when you need it, at your fingertips.  These features help leaders provide an easy-to-understand and thoughtful experience during some of life’s most critical events. Let’s take a look!


Iconic LeaveLogic features – reimagined


LeavePlan Dashboard


LeaveLogic has helped thousands of people and families navigate the complexity of leave of absence for over 7 years. Our users celebrate the signature features of our experience. They provide both visual and contextual education via a personalized LeavePlan dashboard.


In our new design, we incorporate in-depth user feedback and research. The dashboard dynamically displays the most important aspects of pay and job protection. It offers even more flexibility to view and understand benefits. From the person that wants a simple break down, to the power user who needs all the details.

This is a very exciting, very large step for our customers and their employees. It also prepares us for all of the wonderful ideas we have for how LeaveLogic will continue to grow and evolve for them. Christian Sacoolas, Digital Product Leader

To-Do List


A core principle of our product is the leave process should be simplified and more humanized. Our iconic To-Do list serves up all the tasks you need to complete during your leave event. It helps to think of things that are often overlooked during life events. We provide important reminders to answer when, where and how. Like when to file for things like important state benefits or make a leave request. How to identify things like post-partum depression. Or, how to add a dependent to your healthcare plan. All while assigning priority with simple calls to action.


Curated Benefits


Employers work hard to provide their employees with meaningful benefits. LeaveLogic prides itself in capturing the employer’s complete benefit suite. You get a personal view of the benefits most applicable to your unique situation through the use of rules and algorithms. This way you have a one stop shop for your leave and life event. Having a baby? We’ll remind you about your employer’s backup care benefit. Planning a personal medical leave? We’ll remind you about those voluntary insurance benefits you enrolled in a few years ago.


Flexible, more intuitive decision support


We built LeaveLogic to reimagine the leave experience by normalizing leaves of absence. Over time, leave policy and legislation have rapidly evolved and continue to do so at a high pace. Each year, more states introduce new paid leave programs. We know that employers need solutions that are flexible, customizable and can keep up with the new world where experience supersedes all.

The employee experience is the heart of LeaveLogic’s solution and the updates to our user interface and experience was all about making that experience even more powerful and empowering.  Miyuki Iwahashi, Head of Product

Employer pain points and employee needs were top of mind for us in this area. We’ve applied those learnings to how we deliver educational content. Simplified education empowers users to get to the core of their questions more quickly.


Life events are a unique experience from one person to the next. We understand that no two leave journeys will be the same. That is why we also added a lot of exciting new features and enhanced functionality. These updates empower LeaveLogic users with decision support to build the LeavePlan that is right for them. You can choose your own experience on any given day and in any given situation. Whether you are planning for multiple life events or needing time intermittently, LeaveLogic has you covered.


Digital concierge service meets personalization


We are solving the complexity of leave with a personalized, digital concierge approach. Gone are the days of having to wait for phone calls or emails to a call center to find answers. Farewell to searching intranet sites, information packets and creating excel spreadsheet

This release paves the way for a scalable approach to providing personalized experiences. Providing support in an on-demand, digital concierge environment. We are making it easy to access personalized information, resources and support are available anywhere, anytime, on any device.


What’s next for LeaveLogic


Our mission is to simplify and reimagine the leave experience both for employees and their leaders. Investing in the employee experience is a priority for all. We will continue to normalize and reimagine leaves of absence in the workplace. As employers navigate the changing landscape of leave we will evolve our solution to remain a constant pillar of support. All while personalizing the experience for employees during their most important and memorable events.

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