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New Look, Same Mission

By Miyuki Iwahashi 

February 2021 


To celebrate LeaveLogic’s fifth birthday in 2020, we embarked on a journey to give our brand a refreshed look. Our new look includes a new logo, sharper visuals and brighter color palette to reflect our brand principles of simplicity, and ease of use and innovation.

Our new look is intended to reflect the supporting role we’re offering for our customers with a clean, modern design. While our look has changed, we continue to remain laser-focused on normalizing leave in the workplace by empowering employers and employees to easily navigate the complexities of leave.

As a result, we are most excited about our plan to take this new design one big step further by introducing exciting product enhancements. These enhancements to our powerful solution will make it even easier to engage with our platform, our content, and our fundamental purpose to simplify the employee leave experience.

Our journey over the last five years has focused on navigation because we knew there would be rapid changes. With new and changing leave laws, the unexpected impact of a global pandemic, and all of the uncertainty that follows, it underscores the critical role that LeaveLogic plays in the workplace and in our broader society.

We are excited to share a new look that reflects the role we play, represents the relationships we’ve developed with our customers, and highlights the value we strive to provide for those embarking on a leave of absence.

More about LeaveLogic

LeaveLogic is the leading cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive leave planning and education, designed to help employees navigate the complexities of leave. The solution simplifies the complexities of paid and unpaid leaves of absence by leveraging powerful decision-support technology for an intuitive leave experience. LeaveLogic captures federal and state programs, company-specific leave policies and corporate benefits, along with short-term disability, healthcare coverage and other plans.

The solution is designed for flexibility, to support the diversity of employers leave strategies, whether an employer self-administers leave or outsources to a third-party administrator (TPA). Through employee self-service, automation and design, LeaveLogic eases the administrative burden of leave management and enhances the leave experience for employees.

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